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When it comes to military gear, one of the most common items is a backpack armor. Backpack armor, also known as plate carriers or hard armor is usually made of molded polyethylene with steel sheets or a flat, single, or multi-curved shape. This material is usually coated with Kevlar, which is the same material that is used in bulletproof vests. Backpack armor is used to protect the back and torso of a user during battle. Backpack armor is generally available in two forms: soft armor and hard armor.

Soft armor is much like its hard counterpart; this is just the opposite. This is also a common item that is being used by the marines, soldiers, sailors, etc. Soft armor is generally used to fill the front of bulletproof vests or other armor that is used for self-defense. Although soft armor is less effective at stopping attacks, it is still very helpful against bullets.

Hard armor is generally used for plate carriers to increase a user’s defense ability against firearms fire or other projectiles. Hard plates will stop high caliber projectiles, but not regular caliber ones. This type of armor is usually available in both soft and hard variants. It is also recommended that this type of armor be used with plate carriers to increase the protection level of one’s vests or other armor.